Genre before style

You view the world through your own unique filter comprising your own unique experiences. We view the creation of beer through overlapping genres, in which well-defined and not-so-well-defined styles exist.


For craft beer novices and connoisseurs alike

We balance the tastes and desires of our community of patrons with our craving for variety and experimentation.

Instead of a flagship line and a handful of rotating seasonal beers, we’re taking a different approach. The genres we focus on are defined by Hops, Fruit, Herb Spice & Botanicals, Mixed Cultures, and Malt. 


in rotation:

Hop-forward beers like IPA, Double IPA and Pale Ale.

Fruit beers. Some sour, some not.

Farmhouse-inspired creations that may be fermented in oak or laced with herbs/spices/botanicals, etc.

Lots of approachable beers with low ABV as well as classic styles.