noun [voh-lish-uh n] — The faculty or power of using one's will.

Volition Brewing Company was born out of the unique desire to not only revive classic brewing styles and techniques, but to merge these classics with modern flavors and ingredients sourced from the Pacific Northwest. Volition believes that in a time and place where craft beer lovers have more choices than ever before; quality is king. And there is no better place to offer these beverages inspired by history and natural surroundings than in a growing community equally influenced by heritage and the beauty of Cascadia.

If you're interested in supporting Volition Brewing Company and becoming a founding member of our mug club, the Volition Coalition, go here for details on available packages and limited edition merch. Also, if you'd like to learn more about Volition and the potential opportunity to participate in our pending first round offering, give us a shout here.


Volition Brewing Company, LLC

Formed in 2015 as a member managed LLC in Washington State, the board chairs are actively working to secure funding and fill seats on an advisory board. The board voted unanimously in January of 2015 to offer voting Preferred Stock Shares. The funds raised will be used to procure a location and brew system, open the tap house and sustain operations for the first year. In addition to investment opportunities, Volition Brewing Company will source startup capital via managing member contributions, the pre-sale of goods via the Volition Coalition and other investment offerings.